Five Spring Trends to Try Right Now!

May 24, 2013

So, I received such great feedback on my last blog, "Five Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet," that I decided to do the same thing with Spring 2013 Trends. There is so much to be excited about with this season's hottest fashions, and there's very little that I'm not absolutely crazy about it. So, I've compiled a list (short & sweet) of my current obsessions that are not only adorable and appealing, but also totally wearable for the Northern Virginian Mom. Now pay close attention, class is in session.

1 Peplum: To. Die. For. Love the shape---hides the tummy and emphasizes the waist. Available anywhere, at all price points. It might just be the perfect spring top. Some of my favorites are found at Express, and come in casual cotton and dressy fabrics in every color and print imaginable. Try a cute peplum top, skirt, or dress. You won't be disappointed.

2 Polka-Dot. Somehow, polka-dot just makes me happy, and I know I'm not alone here. It is the perfect balance of youthful and ladylike. I love it casual with bright pops of color and I love it just as much dressy with a sophisticated skirt. If you need to take baby steps with the polka-dots, try it in smaller scale via a clutch or a shoe. And, please let me know, if you're just a little bit peppier when wearing the beloved dots.

3 Graphic Black & White. So far, my spring purchases are 95% black & white. Seriously. It's taking over my closet. I love it so much! It's chic and makes a statement and is so easy to wear. I'm not talking a boring pair of black pants with a white top. I'm talking bold black & white prints, black & white stripes, black & white polka-dots (you get the idea) paired with a sharp tuxedo pant or a sassy skinny jean. Keep the look sharp with black & white accessories and shoes. Go bold!

4 Flats. Nobody wants to grocery shop in heels. Well, there might be a few who can do this without that awkward stride that totally says to the world, "OMGOSH, my feet are killing me", but I'm not a big fan. Let's just admit that we wear our sky-high heels to look cute, not so much for comfort. But, there's a solid place in our lives for comfortable shoes. Flats are the answer of providing comfort when we need it without losing any cool points. Try a bold color, a fun print or an edgy metallic. A great selection of flats can be found at Marshall's!

5 Stripes. Nothing feels more like summer than nautical stripes. This season, bold is better. Pinstripes need not apply. It's a classic and a trend at the same time. I love that!

Now, jot these down so the next time you're out shopping, you can mark these off your list. If you need some help looking for the perfect pieces for you, I'm here to help.

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Until next time, dress like you mean it.

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Five Spring Trends to Try Right Now!

So, I received such great feedback on my last blog, "Five Items Every Woman Should...

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