Dressing Pretty Woman

August 2, 2013

Before After

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor to become part of one woman's epic weight loss journey and amazing transformation. Fellow blogger, Michelle Clemovich (who has blogged about her mind-blowing weight loss every step of the way, and has recently been named, "Blogger of the Month"), has lost more than 100 pounds in a very short time. Not only did she change (drastically) on the outside, but she changed on the inside, too. And, even though I didn't know her before she hit the big numbers, I can feel her transformation radiate through every ounce of her being. I'm totally inspired by her.

As her reward for losing 100 pounds, I offered my services, and the rest is history. After 1.5 hours together, Michelle left with looking like a completely different person. Her confidence was through the roof and I enjoyed watching her become a more fashionable woman right before my eyes. Here's what I took away from my Personal Shopping Consultation with Michelle:

Be open-minded: Clients who prepare themselves to be open minded always have a better shopping experience. Michelle already had made up her mind that she would try about anything. I appreciate this attitude so much. In her pre-shopping Personal Style Questionnaire, she noted that she avoids black. I think every woman needs some black in her wardrobe. I found a seasonless black trouser and paired it with a white/black zebra peplum top (also new for her--see photo above). She was apprehensive, but tried it on. Guess what? It's one of her favorite outfits! It's gorgeous on her.

Don't get hung up on size: It doesn't matter! Most women fluctuate between two to four different sizes! Yes, you heard me correctly. Buy according to how items fit. If you have to go up two sizes to achieve the baggy, "boyfriend" fit, then do it. Nobody looks at your size tags. Most items look better when they hang properly and aren't too snug. I know some women who refuse to buy anything than their preferred size. Don't be that girl.

Experiment with texture, prints and fabrics. Because Michelle was open to everything, we played. Some things didn't work. Some things did. One of Michelle's favorite outfits is a pair of polka-dot trousers paired with an unexpected floral top. Many wouldn't be brave enough to pair a print with a print, but the scale and the colors make it work. It's such a fashionable outfit. Experiment. Play. Create.

Own it: Michelle could tell immediately if she liked an outfit. She looked at herself differently in the mirror. She smiled. She stood up straight. One of my favorite moments was watching her try on a pair of bold (yellow & black paisley) skinny jeans. She had never worn skinny jeans before; she preceded with caution. Her reaction was immediate. She loved them, and she owned it. What's not to love about that?

Have fun: Shopping should be fun (by yourself, with a friend, or with a professional image consultant)! Laugh! Smile! Be silly. Be girly. Remember that it's not that serious and chances are... there are oodles of outfits just waiting to come home with you.

If you are transforming your body (and your life) like my friend, Michelle, please remember these tips when shopping for the new you. And remember, transformation takes place from the inside out. Be bold, be brave, be inspiring.

If you are looking to transform your personal style, I'd love to hear from you. For more fashion tips and daily posts, please "like" us on facebook at www.facebook.com/yourfashionexpert.

Until next time, dress like you mean it.

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Dressing Pretty Woman
Dressing Pretty Woman

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor to become part of one woman's epic...