The Super Awesome, Stuff-Free, Gift Guide For Mamas Everywhere

May 7, 2013

I have been told that I am a terrible person to shop for. Mostly that’s because when asked what I want I can never really think of anything. I know, so lame. I just…I don’t really need or want anything. Well, maybe a full night’s sleep, a cupcake, a day of watching HGTV in bed, or a sweet homemade gift from my boys. Maybe that. The truth is, I’d have to find a place for new stuff, and eventually clean new stuff, or learn how to use said new stuff. Ugh. Ain’t no one got time for that!

If you mamas are like me, or if you’re shopping for someone like me (or me *ahem*), then have I got a gift guide for you!


The Stuff-Free Gift Guide For Mamas Everywhere

For The Mom-To-Be:

A maternity and/or newborn photo session. If you’re local, my friend Barbara Vredenburg does a stellar job. You can see our materity pictures here.

A pre-natal massage. You have not lived until you've had one.  For all my local friends, I recommend Daniel Foote Massage.


For The New Mom:

Here is one list that I made while I was still pregnant.

Here are more stuff-free options:

While an offer to clean a new mom’s house or baby-sit may sound like a good idea (I know I’d love it!), many new mamas can feel pressured by such offers. They may be embarrassed by the state of their home. They may not be ready to part with their snuggly new baby. Here are a couple of options that are less intimidating.

A gift-card for a hair-cut at her favorite salon. She won’t schedule one on her own and MAN, does it feel like a luxury after so many selfless and sleepless nights. Might I recommend the Kristen Cavallari?

I got this cut three days before I went into labor and I’m so glad I did! After giving birth to Maddox, I ran my fingers through my hair and it looked good as new. SERIOUSLY. The nurses even commented on it. The cut looks good dirty, unbrushed, and matted with spit-up. LOVE.

If you want to go-big-or-go-home: Buy her a spa package she would never try on her own. After Archer was born, J got me a package that included: a hydro-active mineral salt scrub, european facial, stress-relief back massage, reflexology foot massage, and paraffin wax treatment for your hands and feet. At the time, I just wanted a pedicure and felt like the spa package was a bit over the top. GUYS. It was such a cool experience, totally relaxing, completely invigorating, and not something I ever would have picked on my own. Total bonus points for J! If you are local and would like to try it, I went to Studio D'Esthetique and had the Total Body Renewl Package.

A budget friendly option would be a spa pedicure. It’s like a regular pedicure but fancy. If you're in the area, try Siagon Nails and get a cuppa Pho afterwards. You won't regret it!

A cleaning service for a month. Because who cares what a stranger thinks of your unkept home?


A membership to a chocolate of the month club. If she thinks pregnancy cravings were killer wait until she meets breastfeeding cravings.

A membership to a wine/beer of the month club. It’s a party every 4 weeks! Woot woot!


For The-Not-So-New-At-This Mama:

This mom would LOVE for you to babysit or clean her house!

A membership to the zoo (The Metro Richmond Zoo and National Zoo are both awesome) or museum she loves.

Movie or concert tickets. We’re still hip! I swear!

If you KNOW she loves races, entering her into a Mud Run or Color Run would be super fun! Please note: If she's not into races or has never expressed real interest in races, DO NOT DO THIS

A gift card to Shutterfly or whatever photoservice she prefers. As excited as I get over the awesome deals Shutterfly offers, I always end up stressing out and cramming photobook making sessions into the hour before said offer expires. A gift card she can use at her leisure would be awesome.

Sign her up for a fun class: cooking classes, hot yoga, beer making, sewing, cake decorating… whatever she’s into.


If You Are My Husband:

Any of the above.

Also, I really do like stuff sometimes. So...This.

Or anything from here.



*picture of Ms. Cavallari from here.

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The Super Awesome, Stuff-Free, Gift Guide For Mamas Everywhere
The Super Awesome, Stuff-Free, Gift Guide For Mamas Everywhere

I have been told that I am a terrible person to shop for. Mostly that’s because...

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