The Hospital Bag

March 21, 2013

So, as of this past Monday I am 35 weeks pregnant! I can hardly believe it! Last weekend, J and I finished 95% of our baby prep. We have a place for Maddox to sleep, bottles, diapers, and freshly laundered onesies. We have a swing, bouncy chair, and boppy. We have pretty much everything BUT...

A packed hospital bag.

In fact, we've been so concerned about who will watch Archer, what will we pack him, when should he meet Maddox... that we even forgot one vital step: who will be driving me to the hospital if J is stuck in traffic? Hahaha! Rest assured, we now have that minor detail ironed out.

But, yeah we need to start thinking about the ole' hospital bag. With Archer, we didn't pack anything to help with labor because, well I didn't labor. We also didn't bother with any time killing devices. Archer was born roughly 6 minutes after the first incision was made. We had no time to kill! This go around, we're hoping for a very different birth (not that there is anything wrong with a c-section. Mine was fabulous. It's just not what I want this time.). So, we'll probably pack a few items to help with contractions, boredom, etc.


Here's what we're thinking:


  1. Camera.
  2. Chargers for all the things.
  3. Ipad.
  4. A book (I've been told that if you get a good epidural, the waiting can be rather boring)
  5. Maybe the laptop. Maybe. Probably. Yeah, we'll bring the laptop.
  6. My favorite hairbrush.
  7. Blush.
  8. Mascara.
  9. Concealer (Um, it's 2013. Pictures will probably hit Facebook whether or not I want them to or not. Call me vain, but I want to look good!)
  10. A few comfy maternity pants.
  11. Nursing tanks, shirts, and bras.
  12. Nursing cover (for visitors who are more on the modest side.)
  13. Flops.
  14. Toiletries.
  15. Nightgown I don't mind ruining.
  16. Same with underpants.
  17. Tennis ball and small heating pad to help w contractions.
  18. A gift for Archer from Maddox.
  19. A coming home outfit for the new baby.
  20. Change for the vending machine and granola bars for J to munch on.


J will bring a change of underpants and his phone.


What are your must haves for the hospital bag? What would you leave out? I love hearing how other people pack!


*photo cred.

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The Hospital Bag
The Hospital Bag

So, as of this past Monday I am 35 weeks pregnant! I can hardly believe it! Last...