The Big Gender Reveal

November 29, 2012

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When I was pregnant with Archer, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to find out the gender of my baby. I counted down the weeks until my 20 week ultrasound like a kid with Christmas. I was beyond excited when I scored an early appointment, at 18 weeks. This was the moment of moments! In my mind, I built up the gender reveal ultrasound to be a major life-changing event. Confession: My husband and I really, really, really wanted a boy. Obviously, the baby's health and well being were of first and foremost importance. But... yeah. I'll be honest, we were rooting for team blue. We were dying to find out!

The hubster and I held hands and smiled like two crazed goofballs as the technician rolled her device over my goo covered belly. Then... she said the two words we had waited 18 excruciating weeks to hear, "It's boy!"


No fireworks. No confetti. Nothing changed, nothing happened. Life was the same except that now we could decorate with blue if we wanted to. Which we didn't. Baby blue is not exactly my favorite color. So, yeah. Guys, I do this ALL THE TIME. I build things up to be huge, mind-blowing events and then... I'm always a little let down. We really didn't need to find out the gender because we were buying mostly gender neutral items anyway. We know that we want 3 kids so why buy blue? I'm not real big on purple and pink either, so that would be out anyway if Archer had been an Avery.

That's why this go around, we're not finding out the gender of our baby. Honestly, it's not killing me either. I don't want to know! I want it to be a surprise when he/she is born. Kinda like the icing on am already delicious cake. I'm really not dying to buy girly stuff or matching big-brother- little-brother outfits. The nursery I'm designing drooling over on The Pinterest is robin's egg blue with soft yellow accents. There really is no reason for me to know the baby's gender for planning purposes. I mean... and Target will still be there after s/he is born.You know, in case I have to have some wee little bows or something.

The biggest surprise about our decision not to find out the gender beforehand? People are seriously upset! I had no idea our friends and family would be so bummed out. It's kind of funny, actually. Sorry guys, you'll just have to wait and see!

Did you find out the gender of your baby beforehand?

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The Big Gender Reveal
The Big Gender Reveal

Click in image for source. When I was pregnant with Archer, there was no doubt...

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