Poor Thanksgiving...

November 16, 2012

Poor, poor Thanksgiving; The often overlooked middle child of the holiday season. It sits right there in-between it's rock-star big brother, Halloween and it's uberpopluar little sister, Christmas. Thanksgiving just can't win. There's no dressing up, candy, or gift-giving involved; just delicious food, an often questioned historical background, and gratitude.

RG Xmas

Christmas, why you gotta be so sexy?

Truth be told, we love Thanksgiving in the Sapanghila household. It's long been my husband's favorite holiday. I mean, even as a child he preferred it over Halloween or Christmas. This year, I've totally let Christmas steal all of my attention. We've already attended a Christmas parade, had our Christmas photo-shoot, watched the Polar Express in theater, and I'm completely guilty of playing Christmas carols in the car. I mean, the red Starbucks cups are out in full force, guys! Tis' the season! Yeah?

My friend, Barbara does amazing work! Here's a link to her info. Check her out!

Christmas Parade disaster. See, this is what happens when you celebrate Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. Also: This is a Christmas card contender.


Sorry, Thanksgiving. My bad. You're still loved and appreciated around here even if we don't show it all the time. For what it's worth, I made this shirt for The Boy in celebration of your big day.


Yeah? Forgive me?

Let's all take some time these next few days and give Thanksgiving a high-five and some words of encouragement. I mean... don't we all need a little validation every now and then?

So tell me guys, what are you most looking forward to eating this Thanksgiving? I for one am an animal when it comes to stuffing/dressing. Oh man...

What are you most thankful for? Around here, we are most thankful for: family, friends, our health, baby kicks, trucks, trains, The Wiggles, story-time (at various locals), Toddlin Time classes, the turkey bowl at WaWa (don't knock it until you try it), the fact that The Walking Dead starts at 9:00pm, new socks, scented candles, WWE pay-per-view events, and free shipping.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!!!

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Poor Thanksgiving...
Poor Thanksgiving...

Poor, poor Thanksgiving; The often overlooked middle child of the holiday season....

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