On Agreeing To Disagree

November 8, 2012


The latest election has brought forth a slew of raw emotion. While we will always remain a nation united, these days I feel the nation becoming more and more divided. The chatter of social media is rife with negativity, vitriol, and anger from both sides. I find most of it sad and... well, shocking. I know, how naive am I? One of the many, many things that make this country outstanding is our freedom to choose. We get to choose who we marry and if we marry, how many children will bless our families, our nation's leaders, the laws we are governed by, and what we want on our $5 footlong. We are allowed, nay encouraged to form our own opinions and share them with whomever will listen.

We have the freedom to disagree and remain friends.


I fully intend on teaching Archer to respect these freedoms; to respect everyone's opinions and know how to politely disagree. To remain friends with people who have different worldviews and priorities. Apparently, this is a virtue that is quickly (and unfortunately) going out of style.


Parents of school age children, I have to ask: How do you handle all the negativity? What do you tell your kids about all of this? Where do you draw the line between shielding them and using the negativity as a learning experience?


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On Agreeing To Disagree
On Agreeing To Disagree

  The latest election has brought forth a slew of raw emotion. While we will...

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