Let's Discuss Pinterest

September 25, 2013

Someday we'll all find out Pinterest is a conspiracy created by a group of men who are tricking women everywhere into cooking, cleaning, and working out.

Does Pinterest ever get ya down? Sometimes I feel like it’s the overachieving, pretty, older sister I never had. Which is TERRIBLE of me to say since I’m a blogger, but let’s just go there shall we? I went on The Pinterest yesterday for a pizza recipe and, per usual, was bombarded with all the things that I don’t do.

My house is a mess. It is legitimately dirty, guys. It is not full of creative, sentimental artwork that my children created. My hair and nails are not done. My clothes are not stylish. My children may or may not have done a learning activity today. I have not exercised in 6 weeks. Well, except for The Color Run. I was sore for a week after The Color Run, y’all. My life is a big ole’ Pinterest fail.

Is it just me?

I’m actually glad that I got married before Pinterest became popular. I feel like it was less stressful that way. There were fewer expectations. Less mason jars with candles. With THE HOLIDAYS fast approaching, I’m seeing more and more fabulous stuff getting pinned and… I dunno. It’s too much. I want to do all the things. ALL THE THINGS. But no one can do all the things, and then I feel like I missed out on something, and it’s just a wicked spiral. Ugh. First world problems are the worst!

Anyway, I found that pizza recipe and it was awesome! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pin a recipe for a natural, homemade, carpet cleaner. ‘Cause you know, my house is a mess and baking soda solves everything.


Image one, ironically, from here.


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