J's Most Excellent Father's Day Gift Gude

June 10, 2013


Hi everyone! Can you believe Father's Day is so close!? I feel like it was just Mother's Day. Anyway, if anyone out there is scrambling to figure out what to get the special Dad in their life, my husband, J, made a list! I figure who better to come up with a Father's Day gift guide than one of the best daddies I know. Amiright?Full Disclosure: I already picked out his gift and it's not on the list. Keep guessing, J!


The best gift I received for Father's Day was the birth of our first son. If you can't go that route, here are a few Father's Day gifts for your man!

1 Beer. I'm not an expert when it comes to beer, but I LOVE drinking it. A few of my favorite breweries are Founders, Lagunitas, Southern Tier, and Stone. Not sure what you're guy likes? Do a mix-and-match six pack! I like to get my beer from The Virginia Wine Experience (downtown Fredericksburg), Wegman's and/or Total Wine and More (both located in Central Park).


2 Brunch. I love breakfast food. I feel like it can be had any time of the day. One of my favorite places to eat brunch is Foode, located in downtown Fredericksburg. They have a great menu and their chicken and waffles are fantastic. You may need to make reservations.


3 Dress him up. You may not like what he wears from time to time. Why not spruce up his wardrobe with a new outfit?


4 Geek stuff. I love gadgets and geek things. Thinkgeek has a great variety of things that you don't want your guy to spend his money on. From t-shirts to trinkets, they have it all.


5 Handyman stuff. Thanks to Pinterest, I am sure you all have ideas up the wazoo. What better way to have that stuff taken care of, then a gift card or tools from Home Depot or Lowe's. Sure you can say, "Honey, this is for you to spend on whatever you need", but deep down, you'd just really love for your guy to do some quick fixes around the house. Win/win.


6 Sports items. Whether your man's sport is football, baseball, hunting, or fishing, you can always find something he would like for his sport and/or hobby. Apparel, gear, equipment. The possiblilites are endless.


7 Homemade crafts. I'm a sucker for stuff that my oldest son makes. I hang them proudly at the office. Is it a dinosaur? Is it an airplane? Doesn't matter. I'm going to love it anyway.

Thanks, J!

Have you all figured out what you're doing for Father's Day? Does your special Dad prefer dinner out, homemade gifts, or just a plain old gift card and a high five?

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J's Most Excellent Father's Day Gift Gude

  Hi everyone! Can you believe Father's Day is so close!? I feel like it...

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