I Got Framed!

August 30, 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a Pinterest-aholic! I often times find myself drowning in pins. I figured it was finally time to start one!

This week, I decided to upcycle an old picture frame into a key holder. I've seen variations of this project pinned at least a million times all over Pinterest. It's a fast project and a great way to help organise your entry-way. We live in a two bedroom condo, so any way that I find to save space and organise, I'll take!


Please forgive my huge mommy- key-chain. It happens. Here's what you'll need to get started!:

  1. An old frame. I got mine for $5 at Urban Outfitters when I was 15. It is teal, furry, angst-y, and super fabulous!
  2. Small hooks you can screw into the top of the frame. I found mine at Home Depot. They were only a few bucks.
  3. A frame hanger-thingy for the back of your frame if it's really beat up like mine and lost it's original hanger-thingy about a decade ago.
  4. Tape and a sharpie for measuring holes.
  5. A ruler.

Easy-peasy right? Here's what I did.


When I first started this project, I initially wanted to screw the hooks into the back of the frame. I quickly decided against this because: A) The keys would look uneven when they were hung. B) I eventually would like to cover the back of the frame with fabric, wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper in a fun, modern print.  So, I decided to screw them into the inner lip of the top of the frame instead.

In order to evenly space the hooks, mark them off on a piece of tape using a ruler and a sharpie. Then, simply transfer the tape onto the frame where you intend the hooks to be. Screw in your hooks.


Mine screwed in easily by hand. When I finished, I discovered one wonky hook at the very end that felt a tad loose. To remedy the situation, I pulled the hook out, coated the screw end in super glue, and quickly screwed it back in. No problem!

To finish the project, I had to add a frame hanger- thingy to the back. I found mine at Home Depot for less than $2. I just pounded it in with a hammer.


Annnnd... that's' it. I know, right? Doesn't it seem like it should be more involved than that? This little project took me less than 10 minutes to complete once I had all my tools together. Awesome.

Happy upcycling, everyone!

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