Hiding Veggies in Food (Husband And Toddler Approved)!

September 28, 2012

Ever since J and I have been together, I have been hiding veggies in his food. The man just does not like vegetables. This finely honed skill has come in handy now that my toddler is becoming more and more picky. If it were up to him, Archer would just eat bread and fruit. Not happening, kiddo. Not on my watch.

One of the easiest ways I have found to hide veggies is by pureeing them. I discoverd this when I was trying to figure out what to do with all the homemade baby food I had clogging up my freezer. Archer started finger foods at 8 months and never looked back. The mere sight of baby food infuriated him. After a bit of experimenting, I quickly learned that seriously, you can put pureed green beans in just about anything. Annnnyyyything.

Here is one tried and true way to hide extra veggies in an American classic: mashed potatoes.

Brenda's Sneaky Mashed Potatoes:

Serves 4-6 depending on how hungry you are...


  1. 4 or 5 large red potatoes.
  2. A small head of cauliflower.
  3. 1 or 2 parsnips.
  4. Fixings of your choice (We're a butter, milk, salt, and pepper household over here.).


Okay. So, I grew up in a household where it nearly sinful to peel red potatoes. My family never, ever did it. J will only eat mashed potatoes without the skin, so I peel my red potatoes. I know... It's like a little piece of me died, or something. Whatever. He eats it. To peel or not to peel; it's totally up to you. I won't judge you either way. Promise.


Peel the parsnips, though.

Chop everything into cubes and boil. Now, I usually like to keep the potato to cauliflower ratio favoring the potato. It makes a slight difference in texture. So, if you would, do something like 50% potato, 40% cauliflower, 10% parsnip. You know what though, if you don't that's okay too. Mashed potatoes are very forgiving. Thank the butter.


Once the veggies are tender all the way through, drain and mash those suckers.


Add your fixings and blend. Like I mentioned earlier, in my house we do butter, milk, salt, and pepper. I know people who swear by sour cream or parmesan cheese. It's totally your call. Go nuts! Remember to blend with a mixer, though. That's crucial to making it look the part.


Voila! Sneaky mashed potatoes! Enjoy the deception!

mashed potatoes

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