Here's A Peek At The New Children's Museum, In Fredericksburg

May 17, 2014

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Last Friday, the staff of Fredericksburg Parent and Family Magazine and our families were graciously invited to the ribbon cutting and sneak-peek of The Children's Museum Of Richmond's newest branch, right here in Fredericksburg! 

Believe it or not, our town just got more awesome!

The pictures you are about to view contain images of what may be amongst the top ten peak life experiences my children have had thus far. Of course, I'm basing that solely on their reactions. Which was pretty much looked like this:


Mads was so happy he was non-stop clapping, flirting, and belly laughing the whole night . I'm surprised no one melted from The Cute. 

Anyway, as soon as the ribbon was cut, my boys made a bee-line for this tube thingy.


In a nutshell, you pop in a scarf and air shoots it all over the place. It's toddler crack.

The Mac Daddy of museum exhibits was this tire mountain! We practically had to peel Archer off of it when we left. In fact, I ended up bribing him with cookies. I call that incentive parenting, y'all 


Zoot was a bit too small to tackle the mountain (Which he was NOT happy about) so he busied himself in the tire-sand-pit- area. 


 I was pretty impressed with the awesome baby section in this new location. It's much bigger and nicer than the one at Short Pump.


As avid lover of all things Fredericksburg, I was immediately charmed by the mini-downtown area. It is soooo adorable, guys! There's a library, grocery store, bank, dentist, and restaurant.


I also thought this DIY centerpiece was rather clever. Someone printed out a map of Frederickburg and wrapped it around a vase. I love little touches like that.


Now I know this is terribly unlike me, but I failed to take any pictures of food. It really is a shame since the event was catered by Foode, one of our favorite Downtown restaurants. You can view their menu here. To make up for my lack of pictures, I borrowed one from their Facebook page. Imagine me eating this while holding a baby and tweeting pictures.

Picture found here.

All in all, it was a great night. The Children's Museum is open during the week and on weekends, and you can even book it for parties. All the information is on their website, if you were curious about anything. We plan on buying a family pass and suggest that you do the same. With how unbearably hot in gets in Virginia over the summer, I'm sure we will be cooling off here at least once a week. 


See you there! Maddox will even save you a spot in the tire-sand-pit- thingy.

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Here's A Peak At The New Children's Museum, In Fredericksburg
Here's A Peak At The New Children's Museum, In Fredericksburg

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