Here Comes The Third Trimester!

January 21, 2013


I am quickly approaching a rather fateful time in my pregnancy: The Third Trimester. I can hardily believe it! I feel like I just found out that I was pregnant. As of today I am 26 weeks along. Truth be told, I'm not 100% sure when, exactly, the third trimester begins. I have read that it can be anywhere between 26-28 weeks. I know deep down it's approaching, though based on some pretty clear signs:

I only wear shoes that I can slip onto my feet. Why? Because I have to hold my breath for far too long when tying my shoes. Heck, I can hardly even reach my toes with this baby belly in the way! Looks like ballet flats and boots from here on out.

I become tired soooo easily, now. Guys, my second trimester energy boost this time was fantastic. I don't remember it being so awesome when I was pregnant with Archer. Man, with this pregnancy, I was kicking booty and taking names! I had plenty of energy to organize and clean my house, muscle through the holidays, and play with my toddler. I felt like a pregnant superhero! Not so much anymore. By the time 3:00pm approaches, I. Am. Done. I went to Ikea yesterday, with the family and I had to take a three hour nap when we got home...and I was still tired. I am sooo bummed out about this quickly approaching third trimester fatigue. Wah!

Heartburn. During the last three or so weeks of my pregnancy with Archer, I basically had to sleep on an incline due to terrible heartburn. This go around, my heartburn is not as bad... yet. Believe me; I'm not holding my breath about being spared the agony this time, either.

Swelling. I remember at about month eight with Archer, my face suddenly became super pregnant. My hands also swelled up so much that I could no longer wear my wedding ring. Oddly enough, my feet didn't get too big. Man though, the third trimester is not a good look on me!

Not being able to completely fill my lungs. I suppose this has to do more with the fact that I am rather short (I’m five feet tall), but during my third trimester with Archer I was unable to fully inhale. This caused a lot of dizzy spells and light headedness. There was no way I could really exercise; walking required an embarrassing amount of panting. During the c-section, I remember very clearly the moment my OBGYN pulled Archer out from under my diaphragm and I took my first deep breath. It was, in fact, the first full one I had taken in months. This go around I am carrying a bit lower, but I have definitely noticed my breaths getting shorter and shorter. It's only a matter of time before I'm panting like a dog again.

Becoming terribly hungry out of nowhere and then not being able to finish a single meal. Third trimester hunger is crazy, guys. There you are minding your own business then, BAM! You are so ravenous you would wrestle a bear for a fruit cup. Like, angry hungry. Then, you take 4 bites of a sandwich and suddenly you're so stuffed you can't stomach another bite. You don't ever want to look at a sandwich again. Well, for another two hours anyway. Then, you rinse and repeat this cycle ad naseaum until giving birth. I blame the limited real estate in a pregnant lady's abdomen. Your stomach is squished to half its size, yet you need more calories to keep you and the baby going. Le sigh. I've already started packing snacks for myself for when hunger attacks. Preparation is key!


Any pregnant mama's out there? What do you remember most about your third trimester?


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Here Comes The Third Trimester!

  I am quickly approaching a rather fateful time in my pregnancy: The Third...

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