Do You Enjoy Camping?

August 9, 2012


All of these gorgeous images are from Pinterest. Aren't they simply dreamy? You can follow me if you'd like. My name is bsaps. :)

I've found myself daydreaming about camping a lot lately. Of course, these are all romantic, moon-y, fantasies of s'mores, campfires, fireflies, hiking, flashlight tag, hot mugs of tea, and star gazing. Granted, yes, these are all camping possibilites. So are bug bites, sunburn, freak storms, pooping in the woods, tantrums (adult and toddler related), and zombies.

inside tent

But, oh! To get away from it all and hide out in the woods! No facebook checking, emailing, pinteresting, or instagramming. I love all those things, but everyone needs a technology break now and then.

I grew up in Fauquier County. It's fairly rural and located mouthwatering-ly close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have so many wonderful memories of day hikes with friends in those mountains! Days filled with dappled sunshine, fresh air, laughter, secret look-outs, and noshing crispy apples on mountain peaks. I would love to have similar experiences with my little family!

My lovely husband on the other hand. Well... he's not exactly what you would call, "outdoorsy." His idea of camping is a cabin in the woods; complete with air-conditioning, heat, warm water, a soft bed, and an xbox. After discovering (which is not at all pornographic and totally SFW), I can't blame him! What's lovelier than a cabin in the mountains? Preferably, next to a lake, with a bonfire, and a goofy dog.

It's not camping, though.

girls camping


Do you all love camping? Have you ever camped with a toddler under two? Any tips? I'm hoping to be snuggling up next to a campfire in September. When is the best time to go camping?

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