Christmas Cards: Let's Discuss

December 5, 2013


How do you all feel about Christmas cards? Do you like to get them or are you, “meh” about the whole thing? Is sending out cards stressful? Something you dread? I know it is for a lot of our friends. J and I are total weirdoes as you well know. We LOVE getting cards and look forward to making ours, every year.

When I say we LOVE to get cards, I mean it’s the first thing J tears into when he busts through the front door. “Look who we got a card from!” It’s like Christmas every evening. We always display them, too. One year it was a huge photo-wall, in our dining room. Last year, we decorated our tree with Christmas cards. I think they’ll go on the inside of our front door, this year.

That being said, I’m always trying to out do myself on designing the family card. My friend, Barbara, who owns Babz Photography (Yes, that's Archer in a dinosaur costume, on her website.), actually did a photo shoot for us this year. The pictures are silly and cheesy, and soooo us! I just ordered them and I’m already dying to see how they look, on paper!

If you’re reading this with one eyebrow arched, like, “This girl is crazy and needs to tone down the cheer,” I get you. I feel that way about Elf On A Shelf. P.s that’s not happening this year. Christmas cards can be a huge emotional and financial burden. If that’s the case for you, here are a few alternatives:

  1. Actually call the people you love. I know, right? Put them on speaker phone and have the family sing Christmas carols. Too cheesy? Then, maybe just a heartfelt, “Merry Christmas.” 
  2. Ecards! Seriously. Try Elf Yourself! It’s sooo much fun. I’m sure it will make someone you love smile.
  3. Instead of Christmas cards, send out New Years cards, or Valentines, or even Halloween cards. Think of all the cute pictures you could get of your kids (or selves) in costumes! Bonus: Most card companies run big time promotions, in October. You could send out cards and save a few bucks! Mommy like.
  4. Don’t send out cards at all. It’s okay not to, really.

Bottom line: The people you love, who you are sending these cards to, will still love you if you don’t send them a traditional Christmas card. I promise. If J and I get a St. Patrick’s Day card we will smile just a big and display it, in our home. If J and I don’t get a card at all we will not think any less of you. We don’t like you for your ability to organize a mail out during the holidays. I promise.

So what say you? Do you love sending cards? Dread it? Do you do alternative cards?

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