Adventures In Cloth Diapering Two Kids!

August 19, 2013


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Do you all cloth diaper? We’ve been cloth diapering Archer since he hit 10 pounds. Mostly because we only use one-size diapers and they seem to fit best on 10 pound babies. Also, mostly because I don’t want the hassle of cloth diapering a newborn I has lazy. That’s a lotta diapers. Anywho, Maddox is currently 12 pounds and we switched him over to cloth not too long ago. I can’t remember exactly when. I also haven’t really slept since sometime in late 2010.

Since Archer is a newly minted two year old, J and I figured we’d wait a bit on buying more diapers. Archer seems interested in potty training, so what the heck? Let’s do this thing, right? Why invest in more diapers if one kid looks like he’ll be in underpants soon? Except that I have no idea how to potty train, and now it appears that Archer is afraid of doing certain things, in the potty. I don’t want to embarrass him when he gets older and all his friends read this, so I’ll leave it at that. YOU’RE WELCOME FUTURE ARCHER.THAT TOTALLY COULD HAVE BEEN AN AWARD WINNING BLOG POST ALL CAPS.

So now we’re not potty training and we’re cloth diapering two kids on a stash that was previously only being used by one kid. Guys. The laundry. Gah! I have to wash diapers every other day now. Before, I could get by on just twice a week (I have 32 diapers). Now, it’s like as soon as they’re dry they’re getting put on someone’s butt. I’m lucky if they even get put back into drawers before getting washed again. Our emergency disposables are no longer being used for emergencies. You get the picture.

Does this mean we’ll be buying more diapers? Part of me is all for it. THEY ARE SO CUTE. But another part of me is just…well… stubborn. We can do this!! We can make it without buying more!! You can’t tell me how to live my life, diaper stash!


Guys, I think I’m going to need more diapers.



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Adventures In Cloth Diapering Two Kids!
Adventures In Cloth Diapering Two Kids!

    Do you all cloth diaper? We’ve been cloth diapering Archer...