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November 2012

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Dadvice B101.5's "Chris & Dee in the Mornings" CHRIS CENTORE Let 'em Eat at the Big Table! It's right around the corner. The big day we all try to find something to be thankful for. It really shouldn't be that hard. Take a look at the things right in front of you -- kids, family, health. Or maybe your favorite items, such as a car, home, or the 60-inch screen you'll watch the game on. Any way you slice the turkey, we all have something to be thankful for. So take a minute and say thanks to whomever deserves it and enjoy the day. I'm reminded of being at a great many years back for Thanksgiving. After he said grace, he added the following with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, "I wanna thank you for all of the things I have, but I hear there are some who have more, and I'm not happy about this." This has stuck in my brain for all these years. I guess uncle's home there's both truth and humor in it. As Young NC and Little A grow faster, it's becoming more difficult to remember all of their original quips. They teach me something new every day. One of the biggest challenges answering their random questions. At first, they were simple, such as "Why is the sky blue?" My answers used to satisfy them easily. Now they think more independently and question almost everything I say. "Why?" is asked frequently and, although sometimes annoying, overall ful is My one piece of Dadvice on this: Donâ€șt squelch the questions, but embrace and encourage them. for their curiosity and thirst for Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I hope you appreciate time with those spe- cial to you (and I hope that your team wins!). I'm letting the boys sit at the big table this year! www.fredericksburgparent.NET 29 I'm thank- knowledge. KICK-OFF NOV. 10TH AT 7PM ALL HOLIDAY SEASON NOV. 10TH - DEC. 31ST

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