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November 2017

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www.FredParent.NET 7 reader feedback FredParent asked... Emily H. Idealy A. My goal is B. I choose not to wear socks, so C rarely counts. Angela Z. B or D. Thankfully we don't wear a lot of socks. LOL. Katherine N. I have someone else do it! It's worth the money. Tracey C. Mostly D, and sometimes B. Jennifer D. A or else it all gets wrinkly! Patricia M. A because there's never much of it and it's really easier that way. Becky B. Normally A. Leave it too long and it wrinkles, then I have to pull out the iron. Alysoun M. A...that way it doesn't have to be ironed ;) no way I am saying it doesn't have to be restarted several times. Tielle B. B... Friends for the win! " graphic from a 42% B 26% d 26% C - 6%

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