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30 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • September 2017 Teens may be tempted to lose focus and drive during their senior year, but they can fight that temptation by tak- ing time to make their last year count. Encourage your senior to try something new, like thanking a teacher or even giving back to the community. "I want to end my high school experience — and child- hood — off on a high note, excited for what is beyond," said Sylvia Harris, a rising senior at Massaponax High School. "I want to cherish every day of my senior year and make it memorable." As seniors embark on their last year of high school, here are a few ways to help make senior year truly unforgettable. ages & stages Making Senior Year WRITTEN BY AMANDA DANAHER SKIP THE HOMECOMING OR PROM DATE Take the pressure off and go to homecoming or prom with your best group of friends. It is not only the perfect way to spend time together before you go your separate ways, but also a great way to shed the stress of finding a date, giving you the space to enjoy the experience. GIVE BACK Start senior year strong by volunteering with a local non- profit organization. Not only will it be rewarding work but also looks great on college applications. Harris, for example, regularly volunteers with the Massaponax Baptist Church's food pantry as well as the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank with her two friends, which she has done since her freshman year. "It is a very rewarding experience to help people get the food they need," added Harris. TRY SOMETHING NEW Senior year is a great time to experiment with a new hobby or interest. Check out a few extracurricular activities at your school that you may have always wanted to try like a sporting event or school play. Learn a new instrument or join a book club. These are great ways to open your mind to new concepts, skills and ideas, and you may even discover your next greatest passion. SAY THANK YOU Before heading off to college, let the teacher or counselor who has had the greatest influence in your life know how much they mean to you. You not only could begin to cultivate a relationship with them, but also could create a great resource for college recommendation letters and networking later on. "I learned how to push myself to my full academic potential because of Mr. Brown," said Harris of her AP World History and AP Seminar teacher, Michael Brown. "I've never known another teacher who cares so much about a student's success." "I want to cherish every day of my senior year and make it memorable." Memorable

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