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22 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • August 2017 ask the expert a sk t h e e x p e rt Q: Tell us a little about what makes Access Eye stand out. Access Eye has been a part of the Fredericksburg region for nearly 40 years. With five locations and a very wide range of services, Access Eye meets the needs of nearly every member of your family. Our approach has always been comprehensive eye health. We do have elements of fun and fashion in our industry! In our five optical departments, we carry a wide variety of designer and budget-friendly frames that are certain to meet the style and taste of many. However, attending to your over-all eye health is at the forefront of what our practices stand for. Our Optometrists perform one of the most comprehensive exams in the region. If there is a need for additional care, we have two Board Certified Ophthalmologists whom your Optometrist works hand-in-hand with, to assess your needs and provide appropriate treatment. Q: Should my child have routine eye exams outside of their yearly check up? Absolutely! It is recommended that children have a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years. Access Eye has seven Optometrists who can assist you. Dr. Tracy Dzibela, at our Falmouth location, and Dr. Derek Evans, at our Plank Road location, care for most of our small patients. Q: At what age should I start having my child's eyes examined? The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have an exam at 6 months, 3 years, before first grade and then every one two years after that. Babies at the age of 6 months are generally sched- uled with a pediatric ophthalmologist. We have a great relationship with a highly skilled doctor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Evan Silverstein, who also sees patients in Fredericksburg. Once your child has reached the age of three, we begin your care here at Access Eye. Believe it or not, we're all going to be getting into back-to-school mode soon. While we're squeezing in our kids' physicals, buying sneakers, and making sure everyone has the right notebooks, let's not forget about eye exams! Did you know that squinting, eye rubbing, and trouble learning may be related to vision problems? Access Eye has Optometrists and two board certified Ophthalmologists on staff to make sure your little ones are set with the correct eyewear when school starts. INTERVIEWED BY BRENDA SAPANGHILA The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have an exam at 6 months, 3 years, before first grade and then every one to two years after that. " " Dr. Tracy Dzibela

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