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46 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • July 2017 An important aspect of helping kids develop into responsible adults is teaching them the value and rewards of hard work and earning their own money. Through this they gain self-esteem, come to under- stand the real value of a dollar, and become more thoughtful in the way they spend money. Share the list below with your pre-teen or teen for a broad range of ways they can cash-in this summer. ages & stages 12 Ways Kids Can WRITTEN BY KIMBERLY BLAKER THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER What better way to soak up the sun, get fit and make spare cash all at once, than mowing lawns? Create some fliers and be sure to mention that you live in the neigh- borhood. Include your fees and your phone number and then deliver the fliers to the homes in your neighborhood. YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR Make the most of neighbors' garage sales by setting up a refreshment stand in your own front yard. TOO OLD FOR TOYS AND GAMES? If so, clean out those you've outgrown and hold a sale. Mak e a cardboard or wooden sign to attract neighbor- hood kids and passersby, lay out blankets in your front yard, and spread out your goods. Keep your prices rea- sonable, and don't forget a 25-cent box filled with odds and ends. KIDDIE CARE Are you old enough to stay home alone? If so, you may be ready to care for other children. Spread the word through family, friends and neigh- bors. Once you've gained experience, post fliers on library, grocery, or laundromat bulletin boards. When babysitting, play games and do activi- ties with the kids, and avoid texting or watching TV. Parents love sitters that keep their children busy. A LITTLE DIRT NEVER HURT Garage cleaning is a big chore, especially for the elderly. So, offer your services to relatives and neighbors. When you get a job, be thorough, and move everything into the driveway or yard before you begin. Remove cobwebs with a broom, sweep ledges and the garage floor, and then hose the garage concrete (with permission) to loosen ground-in dirt. When it's dry, neatly arrange everything back into the garage. FENCE FINISHING Wood fencing requires ongoing maintenance, so offer to assist your neighbors in sprucing up their yard by painting or staining their fences. The homeowner should supply the paint or stain and the necessary tools. Be sure to follow directions, and take your time to do a careful job. "Through [earning their own money] they gain self- esteem, come to understand the real value of a dollar, and become more thoughtful in the way they spend money." on Summer Cash In the real value of a dollar, and

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