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SATURDAYS SCIENCE Fredericksburg Parent SCIENCE SATURDAYS Program Wins Second Women and Girls Fund Grant an interest in science among an even younger group of girls. A partnership with Germanna Community College will allow the program to implement a four- week "mini med-school" in which girls will tackle hands-on projects, including dissections. Two new teachers will also be hired to teach classes in chemistry and physics. F This grant will be used to expand the numbers of families to which the Healthy Families Rappahannock Area can offer its services, which include weekly visits from the time a child is born until he/she reaches the age 1. will connect families with helpful resources, through in-home counseling and encourage an atmosphere of safety, health and self-sufficiency. of five. Healthy Families staff improve parenting skills redericksburg Parent and Family won an $8,000 grant this May from the Rappahannock Community Foundation's Women and Girls Fund. This grant will allow our Science Saturdays program to add fourth graders, fostering Other grant winners were: $4,000 – Healthy Families Rappahannock Area. Philanthropic Opportunities The Community Foundation is a 2. This grant funds a rolling 10-week financial program for women and girls to improve their money management skills, learn about basic finance and become confident and effective $2,600 – Thrive, for Thriving Financially. using banking services. Participants will be encouraged to protect themselves from identity theft, save for the future and make informed decisions about credit cards, mortgages and other major purchases. Financial empowerment provides a practical source of security and independence. in non-profit organization that manages and distributes charitable giving in the Rappahannock River. For more information about participating in The Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that manages and distributes charitable giving in the Rappahannock River region, call 540-373-9292. 36 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • September 2012

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