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March 2017

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12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • March 2017 12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • March 2017 When Toddlers Say, 5 Ways to Manage the Madness "NO!" The moment your child utters her first word, you'll probably want to announce it to the world, while quickly marking the occasion in her baby book. You probably won't be so thrilled, however, when her word of choice evolves into the very opinion- ated word "no." Although this is a frustrating and challenging stage of development, it is completely normal. Jen Mann-Li, a mother of two, describes her daughter Sadie, 3, as a "pro" at using the word no. "She was a late talker, didn't really talk until she was almost 2-years-old, and no was a favorite right away," Mann-Li says. Mann-Li says that Sadie refuses to be distracted from what she wants. "She's very stubborn and will not budge (sometimes literally)," she says. "We have a saying that Sadie will 'die on that hill' and she does daily over these 'silly' things." WRITTEN BY CHRISTA MELNYK HINES PHOTOGRAPY BY STEPHANIE JOHNSON

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