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July 2012

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Dadvice by B101.5's "Chris & Dee in the Mornings" CHRIS CENTORE Floating What a great summer it has been so far! My wife and I are always trying to find activities to keep our boys occupied between camps, play dates and visits to the grandparents. One thing we have enjoyed this year more than ever is the pool. Mostly because both boys can swim. Well, they can bob up and down in their floaties. This means trips to the pool are no longer constant worrying and handholding. Not sure if you've been to the pool lately, but I've noticed that pool toys have certainly come a long way. I'm not just talking noodles, floats or swim goggles. Have you seen what they call a water gun these days? Sure, we had super soakers when I was younger, but now they require batteries and you can soak someone from a hundred feet away. This is seriously awesome, yet expensive. But I digress... A few weeks back my wife and I were getting things prepared for a day of pool fun. We sent the boys down to the basement to play while we packed a bag. After a few minutes, I noticed it was uncomfortably quiet and as parents we know that no noise is sometimes more concerning than screaming and crying. It was time to investigate, so I headed down the stairs calling their names. To my surprise, I peeked around the corner and found the two of them sitting in a couple of old car seats. They managed to buckle themselves into the seats and were not sure how to get out! I couldn't help but laugh at the predicament they had got themselves into. Funnier was that they wouldn't admit they were stuck. So for the next few minutes, I stepped aside and watched them struggle with the child-proof buckles and listened to the 5-year-old talk about how he meant to do this and that it was no big deal. Eventually I helped them out, but I couldn't wait to go upstairs and tell my wife. I think this is just one of the hilarious, harmless things kids are supposed to do. No one was hurt and we all had a good laugh. Now if I can only get them to stop digging holes in my lawn! Home of: for savvy moms in the 'burg Fredericksburg Parent and Family Magazine Listen to B101.5 for the FredParent's MomStops Tip of the Day everyday at 11:55. Have you seen us in's monthly Web TV show? Just look for the logo on www.FredericksburgParent.NET and don't miss out! www.fredericksburgparent.NET 9

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