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July 2012

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letter to readers BY KATHY VAUGHAN freedom from the control, influence, support and aid of others. Yet, as busy and expensive as life is today, it is nearly impossible for anyone to be fully independent. We all rely on friends and family to get through the day to day. My goal in life now is to just be as independent as I can. The most important thing in my J Independence signifies life is being a good mother to my girls. As a single mom with two very active pre-teen/teenage daughters, one of the many things I have learned to do is to juggle the mom taxi schedule. every now and then from friends. I am not going to complain. I believe all the activities they participate in -- be it Becca with orchestra or cheer, or Sarah in soccer or girl scouts -- are helping them become well-rounded, I do that with help ladies. I am also teaching them to be better than I was with finances. I do this by showing them the value of money in this crazy economy. Their father has set up a monthly debit card for each of them and they are responsible for independent young track of their own money. Sarah knows how to save her money for that special something she wants, something I still have to learn. They also help with the grocery shopping. Becca has learned to spot which brand of cereal is cheaper and which is less expensive, cans or bottles of soft drinks. They even teach me a thing or two. keeping Part of being independent is learning to believe in myself. I'm 6 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • July 2012 TRUE Independence uly ushers in one of my favorite holidays: Independence Day. working on being more self-reliant and learning to trust my own decisions due another new chapter in my life. Katie Perry's been very to starting yet me start this new chapter. One afternoon about two years ago, I was having a particularly song "Firework" has influential in helping day. I was feeling very down on myself, like there was nowhere to turn. I just had an argument with my mother about my choice to do something she did not agree with -- again. I was driving the children to one of their many activities and we were having a "discussion" about taking care of their responsibilities around the house. As always, the radio was playing and Katie's then new song came on. I had not heard it before, but I paid close attention to the words. The song just hit a chord. I cried. Well, I bawled. I had to pull over for fear of causing an accident. After hearing the whole song and really hard words, I decided I would show myself that I could get things done the way I saw fit. If I am happy with the end result, then life good. listening to the is I hope you and your family have a joyous Independence Day. Thank you to all the men and women who serve or have served in our armed forces. Be safe. Kathy is an Advertising Representative Parent and Family Magazine. for being a Marine wife for 9 years, she chose the Fredericksburg area to raise her two beautiful daughters. Fredericksburg After Sales

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