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February 2016

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www.FredParent.NET • 19 THERE ARE 1 IN 4 WOMEN WHO SUFFER A PERINATAL LOSS. 25%. When you and your three best friends head out to dinner, remember that statistics show that one of you will have suffered a loss. THE NUMBERS DON'T OFFER ANY COMFORT. But knowing that I was likely surrounded by women who has suffered this as well made it tremendously helpful to feel like I could open up and share how terrible I was feeling about the whole thing. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER AGAIN ONE DAY. Better. Not necessarily whole. But better. Like all kinds of loss, we make it a part of us, and we continue with other amazing adventures in life, never really leaving it behind, but moving with it until we are more fully ourselves because of it. But that day might not be today, and that's ok. Surviving infertility, miscarriage, and birth can be tough. Sign up for Fredericksburg Parent and Family's new Prenatal and Baby Eletter at for monthly information and support. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCED A loss, please remember that the way you might deal with it is probably not the way they might. They will need to do their own thing. It's helpful to check in every once in a while about it. You're not "reminding her" of something terrible that she has forgotten. Often just acknowledging it can help her feel like she's not alone, she's not crazy, and for a brief period, she did have a baby. You guys, talk about it. Tell people how you are doing when they ask. Ask your friend even if you know what she might say. And if you are ready to move through a loss, but don't feel like you can, it's good and right and just to ask for help. There are places and people who specialize in this kind of thing. One in four women suffer a perinatal loss.

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