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www.FredParent.NET • 13 CHILD MEDICATION SAFETY "Consider places where children get into medicine. In 67 percent of emergency room visits for medicine poisoning, the medicine was left within reach of a child, such as in a purse, on a counter or dresser or on the ground," reports Erin Reid, family nurse practitioner. "Consider products you might not think about as medicines, such as diaper rash remedies, vitamins or eye drops, but they actually are and need to be stored safely, too." Put the toll-free Poison Help Number into your home and cell phone: 1-800-222-1222. Post the number in your home where caregivers can see it. And remember, the Poison Help Number is not just for emergencies; you can call with questions about how to take or give medicine. " Children are NOT just small adults. HOUSEHOLD SAFETY "Television and furniture tip-overs are a safety concern for all children, but especially curious toddlers that try to climb the dresser," says Anna Krushinki, CFNP. "Brackets, braces and wall straps can be used to secure heavier pieces of furniture and TVs to the wall to prevent them from tipping over." Nikki Ducas is a budget-savvy Fredericksburg mom teaching her two young sons how to be charitable at home and in the community. "The biggest thing I think adults forget is that children are NOT just small adults. They need the proper dose based on age and weight. Don't use a spoon from your kitchen drawer as a measuring tool! Use a medication dropper or the dosing cup that comes with the medication to prevent a dosage error," said Reid. "The biggest thing I think adults forget is that children are NOT just small adults. Poison Help Number 1-800-222-1222 " "Household safety with teenagers is all about restricting access. Items such as alcohol, medications and Internet access must be closely monitored to keep curious teenagers from making unsafe choices that may put them at risk," Cate Jones, LPN. a dosage error," said Reid. statistics from 9 out of 10 Teenagers have used Social Media Favorite Social Media Sites 61% 55% 22% 21% 13% 61% 55% What are Teens Posting?

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