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June 2015

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www.FredParent.NET • • • • 31 • • • • • • • 31 • • 31 Providing quality Montessori education since 2001 540-891-9080 Summer Camps 13-17 July 27-31 July check our website for details and registration Montessori Education and Independence "Dr. Maria Montessori saw education as a means whereby children might develop their personalities so as to eventually achieve a mature and independent adulthood." Isn't that what each of us wants? For our child to become an adult who can make good decisions, who feels confident and knows herself? Who can both accept his reality and work to make the world a better place? The foundation for this independence is laid at the beginning of a child's life. Many of us didn't get our first taste of educational choice and freedom until we entered university or left school altogether. At Odyssey, we are not only concerned with intellectual develop- ment, but also the social and emotional development of children. Our goal is to help children learn to be an independent problem solvers. To do this Odyssey structures the classroom environment and gives children freedom within that structure. By allowing the child responsibility for her freedom, it encourages her to be engaged in the work she does. The child feels good about his work and he develops a healthy sense of ac- complishment. Odyssey helps its students build confidence in their own abilities and that is a skill that will last them a lifetime. (Mario Montessori, Education for Human Development, & Dr. Wendy LaRue, founder of Odyssey)

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