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www.FredParent.NET • • • 29 family values Dr. Jim Taylor, writer at Psychology Today and author of the book, "your Children Are Listening," writes, "The first message of security involves your children feeling securely attached to you. The operative word with attachment is trust. simply put, secure attachment develops in children who learn that they can rely on their parents to meet their physical and emotional needs…This attachment isn't just important for you and your children to develop healthy relationships…The per- ceptions they develop about their relationship with you, the emotions they feel toward and from you, and the experiences your children have with you become the template for relationships that they will develop in the future." We built, he knocked down. We built, he knocked down. We built, he knocked down. And so on and so on. he never once feared he would get hurt. it never crossed his mind blocks can injure. he totally trusted that our interactions were safe. our simple, and yes repetitive, and yes, at times, monotonous (he was a beautifully persistent child), construc- tion projects served his emotional development; it enhanced his sense of security in us, thereby, developing his trust in our relationship. Parenting guarantees some failures and "could have done better's," but get this foundational block in place early in your children's lives. An early sense of security/trust is vital to trusting more and different people later. A sense of security pro- duces healthy, confident children and adults. your actions, precautions and attentiveness may seem monotonous and inconsequential, but in reality, they build emotional stability. Cement this block in place by being trustworthy. Elaine Stone, mother of three, lives in Spotsylvania County. Fall is here and registration has now opened for tons of cool programs and activites. Be sure to register today before all of the space is taken!! Adult & Youth Tennis Before & After Care Swim Lessons Family Fun Fridays Family Field Day 2.0 WP 2015 Season Pass & Much Much MORE FALL PROGRAMS Special needs are tricky to diag- nose. Blogger, Laura McCandrew, has been sharing her journey from motherhood via IVF to slowly figur- ing out her youngest has a com- bination of issues, including mild autism. Read her blog here: http://www.fredericksburgparent. net/blogs/the-melting-pot Blogs We Love!

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