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August 2014

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12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • August 2014 By KErry L. PiNTO Discovering Your Child's Learning Style W hen my son was learning his letters in preschool, he enjoyed putting together an alphabet puzzle with me. after completing the puzzle, we would often play a game with wooden alphabet blocks. Fast for- ward three years to the present day where my preschool daughter is now learning her letters. she prefers to listen to alphabet books and trace the letters while i read. she loves grabbing a piece of construction paper and writing random letters until they fill the whole sheet. is one style of teaching letters better than the other? Not if the end result is the same, in that both kids ulti- mately learned the alphabet. identifying the preferred learn- ing style can be helpful in building confidence and success in your child. But how do you determine your child's learning style? Howard Gardner, professor at the Harvard Graduate school of Education, identified nine multiple intelligences in indi- viduals. as you read through the list, begin thinking about what learning style(s) your child most identifies with. "Just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two individuals have the same learning modalities." - Howard Gardner

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