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June 2014

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www.FredParent.NET • • • 33 family values "This is the time to dream. You have been doing gymnastics since you were 3. Let's take this summer and explore something else. Let's dream. What would you like to try?" Shortly, to my shock, she said, "I want to try modeling." She had never mentioned modeling, in fact, I didn't know her 7-year-old-self knew what it was! We found a modeling camp. It was perfect! She learned lots of skills to equip her for wom- anhood: wardrobe and fashion lessons, hair and skin care, simple make-up, posture and proper walking. Although she returned to gymnastics at the end of summer (because she missed it so much), her summer dream gave her some very valuable tools in her experience chest. It was a wonderful excursion from her comfort zone. When parenting multiple children, this idea can appear overwhelming. So break it down to suit your needs—maybe a list of three dreams. Perhaps each week one child gets to pick a dream. One thing might hit two dreams from sibling lists. Few things measure up to broadening a child's horizons. New experiences lead to new dreams and new horizons leading a child to the world of pos- sibilities. Parents hold the power to their chil- dren's dreams. Start this summer off dreaming and end it with the joy of dreams harvested. Elaine Stone, mother of three, lives in Spotsylvania County. " " Children are naturally great goal- setters. They just call them dreams. ~ David Machin Listen All Day � Anywhere � Listen Live or download the app at wfl today!

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