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January 2014

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5 Cool (& Free!) Pregnancy Apps for Your iPhone BY KERRY L. PINTO T here will probably come a time in our lives where a woman can deliver a baby via an app. Until then, here are some fun apps to use during pregnancy. BabyBump Pregnancy (Alt 12 Apps) This all-encompassing app is a pregnancy tracker (telling you how far along you are) and a countdown (telling you how many days you have left). It also offers a detailed drawing of what your baby looks like in utero for each given day. It includes a health tip of the day telling what or why you may be feeling the way you do (swollen ankles on day 236 anyone?). You can also create a weight tracking journal, a pregnancy photo journal or connect to other expecting moms on their vast pregnancy forums. 14 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • January 2014 BabyBuilder Lite (WaveNest Innovations) This app allows the user to upload pictures of the mother and father (or a celebrity!) to create a photo of what your child could look like. More fun than anything else although the developer states that the app uses intelligent photo recognition software to create a more realistic baby. Pregnancy Food No-No's (Mighty Fun Apps) Can't remember which fish to avoid during pregnancy? This app is for you! Divided into different categories, this app is a simply a list of foods that should be avoided or used with caution during pregnancy.

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