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FAMILY VALUES Spunky or Grumpy? BY ELAINE STONE H ave you noticed some people wakeup spunky and others grumpy? The spunky smile, sing and swing their way into morning. The grumpy frown, whine and fight their way into the waking hours. What prompts these different reactions? Most experts agree, lack of sleep can certainly lead to a difficult morning. But, often "the grumpy" awake the same way regardless of hours slept. There are two physiological reasons some grumble and fumble into the day, while others sing and dance: waking blood sugar levels and sleep inertia. For the grumpy, hitherto referred to as "groggy" (gray and foggy), waking comes in stages. It is not choice or temperament. It is involuntary, linked to physical state. Believe me, I am one. The groggy prefer to wake spunky and wide-awake, but it doesn't happen that way. We wander through fuzz and mist to find morning. We can conquer the world, just not right-off-the-pillow. LOW BLOOD SUGAR —hypoglycemia—is one explanation. Some wake-up hungry with depleted energy. Waking them with a glass or bottle of juice in hand can make a huge difference. It helps to squelch the confusion, fuzziness and moodiness produced by hypoglycemia. These need to eat first. Dressing then eating will complicate the problem. Give it a try, if you live with a "groggy." Another explanation, for groggies, is sleep inertia. "Sleep inertia is the result of sudden awakening from an unsuitable sleep stage. They still have high levels of melatonin causing sleepiness," explains the Arizona Sleep Center. This uncompleted cycle leaves the person in a groggy state due to melatonin levels that would have subsided had the cycle finished. Unfortunately, most people do not have the liberty of waking naturally. So, what can be done? Rappahannock Reads A community read with special classes and events celebrating the creative spirit. Meet the Author September 14, 2:00–3:00 @ England Run. Mark Frauenfelder, editor of Make Magazine and, explores the new world of tinkering & fabricating, where D-I-Y becomes D-I-W-O (Do-It-With-Others). Books available for purchase and signing afterwards. The Festival of Community Makers September 14, 3:00–5:00 @ England Run. Explore demonstrations and hands-on activities from local groups you can join. Something fun for everybody! Central Rappahannock Regional Library 24 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • September 2013 540-372-1144 •

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