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to School Back Ready It's Or Not: BY DR. VALERIE ALLEN T he sound of the pencil sharpener, the smell of books and the sight of new clothes send a clear message: school is in full swing. A new school year can offer the fun and excitement that comes with learning. School provides discovery, new friends, and personal growth for your child. Parents can set the stage for a successful school experience for their youngster by using a few common sense strategies. 1. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD LEARNING. Encourage your child to do well and expect the best. Participate in educational opportunities through the community or at the library. Make a commitment to purchase "educational" gifts and books for special occasions. Set a good example, read a book, or take a class. 2. SUPPORT THE SCHOOL. Make a commitment to have one parent-teacher conference every month in person. Write, text, or email your child's teacher and comment on specific classroom activities. Volunteer your time or resources to help at school. You may have items at home or at work that the school could use for projects, so remember, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Enforce the school's rules and policies at home. Speak highly of the school, the teachers, education and the joy of learning. 12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • September 2013 3. BE PREPARED. Make it easy for your child to handle all of the "nuts and bolts" of getting ready for school each day. Have adequate school supplies and buy items ahead for future use. Prepay for school lunches whenever possible. Select an outfit for each day at the beginning of the week and keep 'school clothes' in a separate place. Establish a drop off spot for books, backpacks, lunch boxes and so on. Use a large envelope with the child's name on it to keep correspondence and school notices handy. Promptly respond to requests from the school or teacher for permission slips, field trip money and similar items.

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