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December 2023

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2 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • December 2023 Puttingtimeanddistancebetweenyouthwith thoughtsofsuicideandthemethodmaysavealife. Lockmedications.Donotkeeplethaldosesonhand. Lockfirearms.Storeunloaded.Storeammunitionseparately. Changecurrentlocationsofkeysorcombinations. Removefirearmsfromhome.Storewithtrustedindividualforthe meantime. Securealcohol. HELPTHEMHAV AV A ETHEIR HELPTHEMHAVETHEIR CHANCEAT AT A LIFE CHANCEATLIFE WITHOUT YOUR HELP TO REMOVE ACCESS TO THE MEANS FOR SUICIDE, A YOUNG PERSON IN CRISIS MAY NEVER GET A CHANCE TO CHANGE THEIR MIND ABOUT DYING. TheNationalViolentInjuryStatisticsSystemstudyfoundthatonethird ofyouthswhodiedbysuicidehadfacedacrisiswithin24hours. LOCKANDTALK.ORG Forotherwaystogethelp,call NationalSuicidePreventionLifeline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255) Ortext"Hello"totheCrisisTextline:741741

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