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2. good for the environment This is somewhat qualitative. While the reusable diaper doesn't get thrown into a landfill, the contents of the diaper do go down the toilet — and that contributes to the load of the wastewater treatment facility or your homes septic system. In Fredericksburg, given our abundance of water and the city's sewer system, reusable diapers are the preferred method to be eco-friendly. 3. test our commitment to sustainability Doing something for 2+ years is a significant commitment, but add to it a somewhat yucky task and it is even more significant. We had to counsel our child care providers to be sure the diapers were not tossed into the trash and even took the special diapers on family vacations. As we anticipate the coming of our second child (perhaps before this article is published) we are planning to continue with reusable diapers. If we can do it, so can you! Richard Friesner is a dad, environmental scientist, and member of the city of Fredericksburg's Planning Commission. www.FredParent.NET 31

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