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July 2013

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FAMILY VALUES For the older set: sports tournament (drenched). Throw up the badminton or volleyball set. Play soccer croquet, Frisbee, kickball, baseball or Wiffleball in the rain. Don't forget swinging, hopscotch, hide and seek or treasure hunts. As always, check the local weather before venturing out into the elements, negating any possibility of storms or lightning in the area. There are literally tons of indoor activities online. Smart parents will hunt up a few and have materials on hand for the next drippy morning. Every child needs to feel raindrops on their face, head and tongue, squish mud between toes and form mud-pies. Everyone needs the experience of the unexpected; dancing and singing in the rain. Rain is the opportunity to step outside the norm and look at life through different lenses. As rain pelts the earth, welcome the drops and celebrate! Elaine Stone, mother of three, lives in Spotsylvania. Write: www.fredericksburgparent.NET 27

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