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FAMILY VALUES Rainy Day Parade BY ELAINE STONE H er cousin was visiting as the summer rains began. Everyday was a "pool" day until awaking and peering out: more rain. Young girls have big hopes for a week with their cousin. Hers were not coming true. It was taken in stride with optional activities until the last day. Bathing suits still dry and two girls dying from the "want-tos" to wet them. Mom to the rescue: "Okay girls time to suit up." With gleeful smiles and giggles, they ran to accommodate. Dolls in arms, they arrived poolside…at the master bath jacuzzi. It was well equipped with bubbles, shaving cream, wafting tunes and water toys. It had been a rainy week, but their wishes were granted — pool time, with the jets an added bonus. Their very own indoor hot tub! As rain pelted the window, they were content in a haven uniquely designed; a wonderful adaptation. Rainy days in summer somehow seem unexpected. Yet, quite often rains descend and dash hopes. Predetermine rainy day outlooks by adjusting with Plan B. With an aligned attitude, ingenuity and the internet, rainy days hold as much promise as the sunniest days. 26 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • July 2013 How about a rainy day parade? Gather all the rain gear and call neighbors and friends. Produce an impromptu parade through the "hood" or meet at a local park or street. Use the brightest umbrellas, bathing suits or slickers, galoshes or flip flops. How about kazoos or fun songs? By all means, now is the time for some "Singing in the Rain." Pause the parade, to do some "Follow the Leader" dance steps. Knock on some neighbors' doors and give them the joy of parade-watching, or try midsummer caroling, singing any familiar song. Anybody want to choreograph umbrella routines? Perhaps the kids could work on that in the basement or garage before the parade. What fun for any observer!

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