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Kara: Beecroft Orthodontics has been great to us. Everyone is very friendly there. And the whole process has been so easy. From our first appointment for our oldest son, Justin, we just felt like everything was explained so well. We didn't feel pressured. And they handled all the difficult things like dealing with our insurance company. They have some later appointments so it is easier to schedule Justin and bring him in. They always have coffee, drinks, and snacks ready. As a busy mom, I appreciate all those things. Interviewer: Do you agree with Kara, Rick? Rick: Absolutely. Going in, we weren't sure if this was something we were going to be able to do. No one likes to feel pressured into something. From the moment we walked in though, we felt very comfortable. Everyone knew we were coming. They even had Justin's name on the board welcoming him to the practice. We were immediately greeted my Jessica, the treatment coordinator and she was amazing. She explained everything about the office to us and even gave us a tour. She was great about giving us the information and letting us decide what we were going to do. Jessica made sure that paying for treatment wasn't a problem. The payments ended up being less than I was expecting. " I asked my friend which orthodontist they went to and if they would recommend that office to others. It was Beecroft Orthodontics and she told me absolutely. " Interviewer: The way you've spoken about Beecroft Orthodontics makes me think that you really enjoy going there. Why is that? ~ Kara Interviewer: Is there anything else that you like about Beecroft Orthodontics? Rick: I like that Dr. Beecroft really knows what he is doing. It seems like he can do everything, even things I hadn't heard of, like braces on the inside of your teeth. He has lots of high tech gadgets that help with efficiency. When I had braces, they were on for like five years. Our son Justin is almost done and it hasn't even been a year. And his popping jaw is gone. Kara: For me, the most important part of deciding on treatment was the care my children were going to get. Dr. Beecroft is absolutely wonderful. Not only is he very personable and great with the kids but he is also very knowledgeable. He graduated at the top of his class in Dental School, was chief resident at the prestigious Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and belongs to the Schulman Study Group, a group of 125 of the best and brightest orthodontists in the US and Canada. His background is very impressive and it shows in the treatment that we have received. The Beecroft Orthodontics Team Alyssa, Cathy, Dr. Beecroft, Taylor, Jessica, and Sylvia. • 540-898-2200 www.fredericksburgparent.NET 21

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