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May 2013

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digital NETwork FredParent for savvy moms in the 'burg Fredericksburg Parent and Family Magazine Commenting On... Raising Boys & Girls What's the biggest difference you've noticed between raising boys or girls? Megan Valentine Energy level and the amount of tears. You can figure out which is which. LOL Sara Mackey Dunn Each of my 3 boys is different from each other, ditto for my 3 girls. Some were super easy going, some were crazy as babies. I think personality is not limited by gender. Had one boy and one girl who were super easy to potty train, and one of each that were hard. Every child is different. Jeniene Giuliano Catell Boys are a piece of cake. Girls not so much, lol. Nominated by: Victoria Ubiles

 Teacher's Name:
Jen Fredrick

 Name of School:
H. H. Poole Middle School


 I have a wonderful teacher! She is so funny and awesome. Mrs. Fredrick is all you can ask for in a teacher. Every time when someone is feeling down, she turns on her smile and lifts you up. She gives good advice; for example, she gave me good advice about a test and I got a B+! I was so happy. I love her. Mrs. Fredrick treats us like we are her own babies and that is what she calls us "her babies." Some of us even call her mom. That is how close we are to her. She is so nice and adorable. You couldn't ask for a better teacher. She is the best of the best. Codi Ruyts I have found that with my daughter she is a total drama queen who is very persistant on her way of dressing, hair, etc. While yes my son has his moments too, nothing like his sister. But his energy is thru the roof! Gennifer Townsley I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My boys are easier day to day. no arguments over clothes, hair, attitude etc. My daughter was super easy to potty train and loves school and reading, etc. Join us for "Run for a Healthy Glow" When: May 17 7:30pm Where: Fredericksburg Academy 10800 Academy Dr. (athletic fields) This will be a FREE flash mob gathering of friends of the Doctor Yum Project, running together at night. Bring glowsticks and reflective gear. Graciously hosted by Fredericksburg Academy. RSVP's are appreciated. 10 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • May 2013

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