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May 2013

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Celebrating Those Favorite Mommy Moments Our readers share their favorite Mommy memories, lessons or just plain hysterics of motherhood. by Kerry Pinto " The hardest part about being a mom is leaving my boy to go to work. But the best part is seeing his joyful little face happy to see mama when I come home!" - mercie digangi " " As I was listening to my son pack his room to leave for boot camp, I remember him being 4 years old, taking him The hardest part about being a mom is seeing myself reflected for walks and he would run so fast ahead of me. I would yell, "Stop! OK, run back to Mama." With a smile he would race back. As I listened to him pack, I wanted to yell, "Stop! OK, run back to Mama." He came home three months later, a U.S. in my children. The Marine — a warrior gentleman, who will always come back to good and the bad! his mama." - heather clack The best part about being a mom is the watching, listening and participating in the joys of discovery!" - christina buckwalter 12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • May 2013 " My funniest mom moment was the first time my husband changed a diaper (a meconium one) and it got all over his hands. It was funny because it was on his hands and not mine." - dayspring fowler

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