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February 2020

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www.FredericksburgParent.NET 11 hope starts here. 540.373.3223 WWW.RAPPAHANNOCKAREACSB.ORG WORKING AT THE INTERSECTION OF HOPE AND HELP. RAPPAHANNOCK AREA COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD A BIG, HEAVY CUTTING BOARD. Go for a heavy, solid wooden board for all your daily basic chopping. Keep a separate plastic board for raw meats. Your main cutting board, along with your knife, are the foundations of meal prep – it's where all the magic happens! FOOD PROCESSOR. This is a bigger and pricier item that many might argue isn't essential. But if you commit to actually using it, it's one of the most important items you can have. You can prepare salsas, dips, hummus, pestos, spreads, as well as prep dough for baking recipes. Most have attachments that can help you shred veggies for quick cole slaws and similar recipes. A FEW PAIRS OF LONG TONGS. These can become like an extension of your hands in the kitchen. Use them to separate spaghetti while boiling, turn skewers on the grill, flip hot things over in the oven, toss salads and turn meats. A LARGE STONEWARE SHEET PAN. I'm not sure I could live without my well-seasoned rectangular stoneware. I cook pizzas and all breads on it, roast vegetables, broil everything, bake cookies and bake frozen items like French fries and veggie patties on it. The list is endless! A FEW GOOD POTS, PANS AND SKILLETS. No, you don't have to buy the most expensive set out there, but make sure you do some research and invest in a good quality set of pots and pans that can withstand wear and heat. The handles should be comfortable and oven safe for easy transferring. A few good saucepans are where you'll make pasta, sauces, boil eggs, whip up some potatoes or polenta, reduce syrups and cook rice. These will be the workhorses of your everyday. So there's my list of essentials, but perhaps you have a few more beloved items you can't live without in the kitchen! That's fine, too. Remember…even a kitchen filled with cooking gadgets that you actually use is going to be healthier and cheaper than take out and impulse food. The most important thing is to not feel intimidated by the idea of cooking, and just get in there and do it! Good luck!

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