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April 2013

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Rappahannock Area Tip Making Money on Househould Cleaners T his second installment of our three-part miniseries on do-it-yourself products moves from the laundry to the rest of the house. By making your own cleaning products, you will save bundles, not to mention cut the amount of chemicals in your household and the environment! .58�� vs $2.79 per bottle Project LINK We have a vision of a community that empowers women and their families to have healthy lifestyles free of addiction 540-891-3132 A program of the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics��� Consumer Expenditure Survey, Americans spent a whopping $485 on housekeeping supplies in 2011. That���s nearly $2,500 over five years, or a down payment on a new car! We priced popular, name brand cleaners. A bottle of name brand, all-purpose cleaner: $2.79. Bath, Sink and Tile Cleaner: $4.71. Window cleaner: $3.43. Furniture cleaner: $3.94. That���s a total of $14.87. Compare that to the cost of the cleaners we made: averaging $0.58 per bottle; now that���s a HUGE savings! While the start-up costs of making your own household cleaners may seem high ��� around $20 ��� the investment will go a long way. You will be able to refill your bottles up to 15 times! So the big question is: do they work as well as name brands? We are pleased to report ��� YES. In fact, we were skeptical after finding many recipes online that just didn���t quite cut it. But we kept digging and found a bunch of winners! We invite you to join us for a class to learn how to make these and other cleaners. You will walk away with your first batch and we will show you just how easy it is to save money. Visit the Mommy Trader tab at FredericksburgParent.NET to register. www.fredericksburgparent.NET 25

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