Update On Deutschland Christkindle Market

November 5, 2015

Parks and Recreation Did Not Cancel Deutschland Christkindle Market

Fredericksburg, VA (November 2, 2015) – Recently, the public has expressed strong disappointment via social media regarding the cancellation of the Deutschland Christkindle Market that was to be held in December at Hurkamp Park. It was Deutschland Downtown who decided to cancel their event, not the City nor Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation. The event had gotten bigger than anticipated and with the compressed timelines as well as space constraints, the decision was made to postpone until next year.

Deutschland Downtown owner Lee Bennett approached the Farmers Market Managers in August about having a German-themed Farmers Market event in December. The thought was for him to sell German seasonal wine, beer and to serve food in the park. This was later discussed to be held with regular Farmers Market and Art in the Park vendors. However, before holding an in-depth and detailed meeting where plans and responsibilities were finalized, there was a premature Facebook event posted on the Deutschland Downtown page for their “Deutschland Christkindle Market.” Within a week, 4,000 people indicated they would attend, which is far more than Hurkamp Park can reasonably accommodate.

“When Deutschland Downtown presented the idea of the Christkindle Market, we were on board with the understanding that this was not going to be a City event. Parks and Rec was happy to co-sponsor,” says Wendy Stone, Division Manager for Leisure and Financial Services at Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation. “We are more than willing to provide support if Deutschland Downtown decides to revisit this idea next year, however, we will definitely have to look at another venue. It seems to be very popular with the public and has the potential to be a great large scale event with proper advanced planning. It is refreshing to see the overwhelming interest that the public has for this and we are open to suggestions for other types of holiday events the community would like to see in the future.”

“As the Market Managers, Mike [Morrelli] and I only have jurisdiction over what happens at the Farmers Market in Hurkamp Park, not other events. Once we saw how big it had gotten on Facebook, we offered some suggestions of other potential venues for Deutschland Downtown to host their event but it just didn’t come together in time,” says Gayle Price, Fredericksburg Market Manager.

The Fredericksburg Farmers Market is planning to host a Holiday Market on December 5 at Hurkamp Park from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This is the same day as the Christmas Parade which begins at 5:30 PM. The Farmers Market Managers are currently seeking arts and crafts vendors to provide Christmas gifts, tree decorations, etc. Additionally, they would like a Christmas tree vendor and possibly a couple of wreath vendors. The cost is $20 with a City Business License and $30 with no license. All vendors must prepay at the Dorothy Hart Community Center located in downtown Fredericksburg at 408 Canal St. All payments must be made prior to November 25 and there will be no payments accepted the day of. There will be no refunds. This will be a separate event and vendors cannot be sign up through Managemymarket.com. If you are interested in participating, please visit http://www.thefarmersmarket.co/holiday-market-at-the-farmers-market/
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